Freqs Of Nature Festival 2015

Date: Thursday July 09th 2015 till Tuesday July 14th 2015
Location: 14913 Niedergörsdorf (70km south from Berlin)
Camping: Wednesday July 08th 2015 10 a.m. till Wednesday July 15th 2015 10 a.m

We are grateful we could once again host such an amazing group of individualists and we are deeply thankful for all the support we received to realise Freqs of Nature 2014 in its full extent. Only with all the helping hands and working warriors we were able to provide all that what the festival offers.

While still being happy about what has been accomplished in 2014 we are focussing our thoughts on how to develop our concept even further and we are looking for new ways to create the most efficient and comfortable psychedelic vacation experience.

We are constantly looking for talented experimental artists of all sorts, to follow our own set path of creating a space filled till the last corner with innovative, thought provoking and avant-garde art forms.
Our ambition is to create the whole festival with such detail and love as it is seen in the art we are presenting.

Our date for 2015 is the 9th to 14th July - We are looking forward to once again welcome you in Niedergörsdorf.