Freqs Of Nature Festival 2014

Date: Thursday July 03rd 2014 till Tuesday July 08th 2014
Location: 14913 Niedergörsdorf (70km south from Berlin)
Camping: Wednesday July 02nd 2014 10 a.m. till Wednesday July 09th 2014 10 a.m.

Start0Freqs of Nature Festival will take place for the 3rd time in Niedergörsdorf, just 70 kilometres (a quick train ride) south of Berlin. Progressing our infrastructure and art we are working, once again, on combining artistic innovation and psychedelic entertainment with a most enjoyable vacation experience. We conducted field studies on creating an environment where basic things like camping, eating, showering and walking distances are convenient and interfere as little as possible with the art, dance floor adventures and natural surroundings. We continue to research ways to improve the overall experience and look forward to present this year’s package of body and mind stimulation.

Start3Music - Our four dancefloors will showcase a wide, diverse range of experimental IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). From a careful selection of Psychedelic Trance to Ambient to Hardtek to Breakcore and other interesting niches featured by musicians who have been researched as suitable to our overall art-concept.
Art will be presented through various mediums at the Freqs of Nature Festival and will be both integrated into the surroundings and exhibited in specific areas. Giant installations, unique objects, elaborate, mesmerising displays.

Start9Various artists with their own unique styles and methods using traditional or innovative techniques, synergise with the festival guests to co-create a detailed, living, breathing organic environment. Similar to how an ant colony is a holistic organism comprising of thousands upon thousands of individuals contributing to the collective group mind. We understand the festival to be an autonomous psychic entity made from and symbiotically influencing the thoughts and lives of the participants which thus extends through to their everyday lives.

Start6Experience and reflection through joy are important building blocks for personal development and self-actualization. Creative energy exists within us all, we welcome you to participate in channelling this energy into the festival just by turning up and bringing it to life through your eyes. We simply provide the framework and the canvas on which we draw a sketch and invite you to it flesh out with your favourite colours, patterns or personal images which provide a shared work of art in its totality.
Whether it’s through: one’s inner child emerging to play in the Playground, the physical body being challenged in one of the Workshops, a guided mental experience in the Healing Area, an individual or shared experience on the dance floor sinking into the music and embarking on an inward journey, the amazement of visual and performance art, striking a conversation with a friendly stranger, acquiring new treasures from the market place or culinary discoveries in the Food Court; the experience will reignite a joyous sense of adventure carried through to your daily life as you wish.

If you are brimming with ideas and wish to join the FoN team to help create the framework and shape the foundations, apply here: Participate

Start2It is against our philosophy to take advantage of basic human needs, so essential things such as camping and parking, toilets, drinking water, hot and cold showers and love will be readily available at no hidden cost. And of course, you are permitted to take your own drinks throughout the festival.

Start1All the information will be added piece by piece here on our website. Drop by regularly to check for news! We are also pleased this time to make real in the development of a successful festival and through you our vision again.
We look forward to seeing you <3