Freqs of Nature Festival 2016

Freqs of Nature Festival 2016

7-12 July 2016 - Germany - 14913 Niedergörsdorf

FreqsOfNature2016WebFlyerAs in the past years we want to thank all our amazing guests, crew, artists & the local community of Niedergörsdorf. Only with all of you we are able to keep developing the festival and follow our vision of how our festival should be.

The build up, the festival itself and everything around has been extremely harmonic and a pleasure for us! We could not wish for a better crowd & crew than the one from this year! Thank you, we love you all!
We are aware that the attempt of pushing boundaries with art has it risks and we know that not everybody likes where we are heading, but we deeply believe in our path and we are following and evolving it. We are in need of constant change and evolution of our concept and we don´t want to recycle our proven ideas over and over again. We are looking for art that is beautiful and thought provoking and not for art forms that are just pleasing to the mass so we are happy about extreme reactions and we are ready to process them.
We are very pleased with the content and infrastructure of this year, but of-course we are also aware of many things to improve and we are already working on doing it better next time. Our heads and hearts are even as we are tired now full of new ideas and visions for the years to come, to redefine and progress Freqs of Nature as an peculiar Art, Music and Engineering Festival.

FON 16 Pics


Awer & Tenia “Cani e Porchi”


FON 16 Guide





The Forest-Floor is our melting pot for the deeply psychedelic and experimental music. Multi-layered sound arrangements and driving grooves are selected to let you dive deep in to your own imagination and let go of your daily routine by reaching a trance-state through constant movement and complex sound experiments.

A carefully chosen selection of some of the finest “psychedelic, efficient dance music” with a tendency to twist your reality and change your perspective of the already known.



Venetian Snares (CA) soundcloud profile

Drum&Bass, Breakcore, Crossbreed, Tekno/Tribe, Experimental:

Current Value (DE) soundcloud profil

Billain (BA) soundcloud profil

Ruby My Dear (FR) soundcloud profil

Machine Code (DE) soundcloud profil

The Sect (UK/DE) soundcloud profil

Dean Rodell (DE) soundcloud profil

Disprove (UK/IT) soundcloud profil

2methyl (FR) soundcloud profil

Sagsag23 (FR) soundcloud profil

Økapi (IT) soundcloud profil

Fugly (DE/AU) soundcloud profil

Psychedelic Trance:

Already Maged (UA) soundcloud profil

Antonymous (GR) soundcloud profil

Arcek (MX) soundcloud profile

Audiopathik (MX) soundcloud profil

Audiosyntax (DE) soundcloud profil

Band Crash (GR) soundcloud profil

Biomekanik (DE/IT) soundcloud profil

Derango (SE) soundcloud profil

Drury Nevil (GR) soundcloud profil

Elowinz (BR) soundcloud profil

Farebi Jalebi (IN/AU) soundcloud profil

FrodOhm (NO) soundcloud profil

Glosolalia (AR) soundcloud profil

Goch (MK) soundcloud profil

Hallucinogenic Horses (SE) soundcloud profil

Hashbury (DE) soundcloud profil

Hydropanik / Lab Rats (IN) soundcloud profil

Jairam (DE) soundcloud profil

Loose Connection (UK) soundcloud profil

Lyserg Zwerg (DE) soundcloud profil

Orestis (GR) soundcloud profil

Pandoras Box (AR) soundcloud profil

Paralocks (SA) soundcloud profil

Paul Karma (GR) soundcloud profil

Procs (SE) soundcloud profil

Quadraphonic (GR) soundcloud profil

System Overload (DK) soundcloud profile

Taigan Sunset (SE) soundcloud profil

Tersius (SA) soundcloud profil

Torog (CH) soundcloud profil

Tromo (GR) soundcloud profil

Ulvae (PT) soundcloud profil

Whrikk (NL) soundcloud profil

YaraKaviam (ES) soundcloud profil

Zik (GR) soundcloud profil

ZikOre (GR) soundcloud profil



The Groove Floor concept is about driving grooves, deep rhythms, detailed musical arrangements and psychedelic atmospheres on uplifting beats. Besides the known and often heard experts we selected some amazingly talented new-comers to present fresh tunes with innovative ideas.


Zeitgeist&Munstrous (DE) soundcloud profil

Whitebear (AU) soundcloud profil

Val Vashar (HR) soundcloud profil

Tetrameth (AU) soundcloud profil

Sensient (AU) soundcloud profil

Ryanosaurus (AU) soundcloud profil

Rosper (ES) soundcloud profil

Rollercoaster (BR) soundcloud profil

Raoul (DE) soundcloud profil

Radioactive Cake (DE) soundcloud profil

Quantic Devices (PT) soundcloud profil

Phasenverschiebungen (DE) soundcloud profil

Peter Groskreutz (DE) soundcloud profil

Paracozm (BR) soundcloud profil

Once Upon a Time (BG) soundcloud profil

Na-Ti (IL) soundcloud profil

Multiman (ES) soundcloud profil

Millivolt (CH) soundcloud profil

Messy Mass (DK) soundcloud profil

Melt (AU) soundcloud profil

Legacy (AU) soundcloud profil

Krumelur (SE) soundcloud profil

Kromagon (US) soundcloud profil

Knobs (IT) soundcloud profil

Kliment (BG) soundcloud profil

Kasadelica (IL) soundcloud profil

Kabi (SA) soundcloud profil

Jekyll (AU) soundcloud profil

Ivort (FR) soundcloud profil

Itchy & Scratchy (FR) soundcloud profil

Illume (AU) soundcloud profil

Hypnoise (ES) soundcloud profil

Hellquist – Minimal Set (SE) soundcloud profil

Hellquist (SE) soundcloud profil

Grub (PT) soundcloud profil

Grouch (NZ) soundcloud profil

Groovebox (JP) soundcloud profil

Gojja (SE) soundcloud profil

Gao (BR) soundcloud profil

Florian MSK (CA) soundcloud profil

Fabio Leal (BR) soundcloud profil

Evil Oil Man (AU) soundcloud profil

Elmar Strathe (DE) soundcloud profil

Disfunction (BR) soundcloud profil

Dirty Hippy (AU) soundcloud profil

Cylon (JP) soundcloud profil

Calmchor (IN) soundcloud profil

Brojanowski (DE) soundcloud profil

Breger (DE) soundcloud profil

Beyond Value (SE) soundcloud profil

Atacama (DE) soundcloud profil

Ash Roy (IN) soundcloud profil

Artech (BR) soundcloud profil



Following the concept of the past editions, the emphasis of the Kreuz[&]Quer Floor Lineup is to present a selection of some of today’s most daring sound artist’s. Inspired to merge new forms of modern electronica connecting them with an overriding interest in elements of percussive tonality, ever growing sounds and atmospherics, evolving into playfulness rhythms to create a multilayered journey of hypnotic dilations of time and space. It will be hold in a chilled out valley surrounded by trees and nature enclosed with various art projects.


X&trick – (BE)

Rrose – (US) –

Cio D’Or – (DE) –

Marco Shuttle – (IT) –

Takaaki Itoh – (JP) –

Inner8 – (IT) –

Asphalt-Pirates – (FR) –

CNCPT – (IT) –

Edo – (IT) –

Electrocado – (AU) –

Florian MSK – (CA) –

Sofus Forsberg – (DK) –

Grouch – Glitch Set – (NZ) –

Kliment – D’n’b Set – (BG) –

Kujo – (LB) –


Økapi – (IT) –

Re:Set – (IT) –

Synkopheit – (IT) –

Val Vashar – (HR) –

ZV_K – (DE) –



Our Rela(x)pedimental Floor is maturing in it´s style. Going more experimental we managed to invite a fine selection of IDM and avant-garde artists who will present relaxed, yet tasteful weird electronica. We are not trying to create your typical “chill-out” but an environment for styles that are not purely for dancing purposes and boldly explore the boarders of to us known electronic music.


Ap iasu – (DK) ––984035056

Axiom – (DE) –

Badun – (DK) –

Band Ane – (DK) ––ane

Bjørn Svin – (DK) ––rn–svin

Bunai Carus – (BE) –

ChillinBerlin – (DE) –

Cio D’Or – (DE) ––d–or

Comfort Terrible Table – (IT) ––terrible–table

CPR – (FR/DE) ––315506637

Crossing Point aka Ivort – (FR) –

Dark Passenger – (DE) ––passenger

Gojja – (SE) –

Inner8 – (IT) –

Karsten Pflum – (DK) ––von–pflum

Krell – (DE) –

Kujo – (LB) ––project

Marco Shuttle – (IT) –

Mogano – (IT) –

Monolog – (DK) ––madsl

NGE.Duo – Extended set – (SE) –

NoiaNiz – (DK) –

P(h)onycat – (DK) ––p–h–onycat

Rasmus Fisker – (DK) –

Rasmus Meinert – (DK) –

Rosyan – (DK) –

Senko – (DK) –

Sofus Forsberg – (DK) –

Space Ollity – (Dk) –

Stellar Ink Pony – (SE) ––ink–pony

Swarm Intelligence – (DE) –

Toni Rook – (DE) –

Tromleorkestret – (DK) –

WHRK Idm set – (NL) –

Ynoji – (BE) –

Dub Playground


To widen our Freqs of Nature musical horizon we have teamed up in 2016 with Croatia´s and Berlins finest Dub Soundsystems Digitron and Serendubity. Together we will present an international line-up with a quality level of which the out come is surprising even to us.


Acid Dub Foundation



BoogooYagga Dub Disco


Das Friedel

Digitron Sound System

Dub Cat & Riot Imagica

Dub Fish


I-tal P

Joe Redubbed

Lions Den





Sandokan Hi Fi meets Tobi Dread

Satta Dub

Tetra Hydro K

Tom Battery

Tom Bauminista

Toni Wobble

Tonto Addi


WuduB!? + Babylonbuster

Ambient Hangar


Coming soon….


Coming Soon….


Freqs Art Gallery

FreqsOfNature16_AleInWonderland_62Our Freqs of Nature Art Gallery will be composed of some of the world’s most sublime psychedelic and experimental art. Artists from around the world will exhibit their selected creations here. Prepare to be amazed and bewildered!!

Featured Artists

Robert Steven Connett

Robert Steven Connett is a California artist who takes his current inspiration from biological forms — both flora and fauna, micro and macro, land and ocean dwelling — from which he generates new variations, as though he were painting with recombinant DNA. He is a masterful painter of other-worldly creatures harmoniously swimming along in complex dreamscapes. Intricate geometric patterns make up each new species, meticulously painted with illuminated detail.

CT Nelson

CT Nelsonʼs paintings do not fit into one artistic movement. His approach draws from many and has developed into a unique style that is completely his own. A captivating contrast of urban linear illustrative street aesthetics within fragmented Americana and Neoclassical narratives encourages further investigation of complex, emotional contemplation. Employing an exceptional awareness of light and color, Ct creates an opportunity to delve deeper into phantasmagorical landscapes where the initial discomforts and distortions of the grotesque transform into genuine intellectual curiosities


Art-project Luminokaya lab. appeared as a result of a huge amount of data coming from the great field of energy and information in forms of light and energy waves, visions, images, dream-state objects, trans personal visions and visions beyond personality, and also symbols, signs and channeling. The vast amount of information offered by The Space didn’t allow to ignore this exciting and rich experience. My input was minimized to pressing the keyboard keys, and the awareness of infinity and abundance of the info-energy continuum can let me speak only about being a channel, or a medium. So, there can’t be any question of authorship.Let this art-information be a little contribution to the process of uniting people of light and realizing ourlight-carrying potential!

For the benefit of all beings.

Manú Menéndez

The Art of Manú Menéndez is inspired by the ancient cultures of the world. Shamanism, Eastern mysticism, sacred art, daydreams, Universal love, the Course in Miracles and the knowledge of native groups and their cosmogonies, are some of the pillars of great inspiration of his work which has been applied magically in the art of illustration, design and visual arts.

Alexander Rodin (Ales Rodzin)

Alexander Rodin (Ales Rodzin) is one of the renowned contemporary Belarusian artists.

He is both a representative of neo-avant-garde and figurative painting school. Rodin’s works amaze by the immense volume of the laborious manual process – literally every inch of canvas is scrupulously refined. Taking into account the sizes of Alexander Rodin’s paintings, which sometimes reach three or even four meters, this meticulous technique can be truly considered as an astonishing feat. Although it is in some ways surprising, since neo-avant-garde movement historically holds the certain distrust of anything that is connected with the craftsmanship of artist.


Floor Deco

At Freqs of Nature we hope to create a new conception of dance floor décor. We have invited a group of well renowned décor artists to create a unique space for each dance floor, which is functional yet aesthetically/visually sound. We hope to create a safe space with a strong sense of belonging.

Artist & Crews

Omna Studios

Hannah is an artist and designer who specialises in chainsaw carving and wood sculpture. Her work encompass flowing nature and organic growth. Her work to date varies from small to large scale work including decorative set pieces, totem poles, collaborative projects and complete stage design. Hannah’s art is deftly stylised aesthetically beautiful and very versatile


Locus Pocus Deco

Locus Pocus will create this years Groove Floor Roof, the collective is a young and energetic international deco team specialized on event decorations.

The deco team started as a young group of friends discovering the party scene in ibiza. Around 2009 the first creations where made decorating psychedelic raves in the forest and clubs parties like ibiza vibestyle or wild winter. In 2011 half of the team moved to Amsterdam trying to create more international possibilities and gain more experience.

After 2 years working hard in the undergound scene and learning of many new experiences Locus Pocus decorated for a lot of different music genres in various countries around Europe.

In 2013 the group finished their studies having more time to invest for the development of their designs, skills and profession.

Freqs Of Nature Deco Team

The Forest Floor Deco will be created by the Freqs Of Nature deco team, a collective of creative minds sharing the same vision to create a dance floor combining metal and wood, making an organic-mechanic in itself moving dance floor in a natural setting, surrounded by land art creations. The french master Patrice Hubert with his Kinetic Sculptures will join the Team and give an extra touch to the whole deco concept in harmony with the UK artist Hannah/ with her wooden carvings.

Artists & Projects

Featured Artists

Ambra Rosedorne

Ambra Rosedorne was born in Italy in 1987, she studied Fine Arts in Bologna and in 2010 she graduated in Set Design. Since 2012 is she living in Berlin, where she started many collective’ collaborations and was involved as a decor artist for festivals and parties. Her passion are making jewelry, graphic art and short movies about her travels.

During the last years, Ambra has worked on various other projects, mainly the creation of bespoke masks for fashion and art projects and the organization of recycled mask workshops. Since about one year she discovered a new passion: the metal, material which she’s using to create sculptures, taking inspiration from the animal world.




„Oliver, aka RAD is a visual artist from Berlin who will join Freqs Of Nature for the first time this year. During the last two years he came up with a unique style of illuminating objects and has gained good reputation at various events. At the Festival he will be responsible for the Videomapping at the Groove & Kreuz&Quer Floor.


Patrice Pit Hubert – Kinetic Sculptures

Self-taught sculptor born in Rennes (1966) France

Resembling dangerously unsettling organic shapes such as elongated insects or birds, French self-taught artist patrice Hubert creates stunning kinetic sculptures, bent on containing the cosmos with his formed metal work.

All of the pieces contain rotating or moving parts and light, adding an interesting dimension to the elegant pieces.

As testaments to the ever -evolving marriage of nature and machine, the work also speaks to the fantastical fiction of future science, and its seemingly limitless possibilities.

In Freqs of Nature, Patrice with his creations, will be one of the main fundaments of the art and deco concept. His work will be featured on all dance-floors, in the art-gallery and around the venue.




 Letting the art speak for itself rather than words.



Alex Tenia (tapeworm) was born in 1983. Attracted by visual arts since his childhood . Tenia early writing works used refined fonts seeking harmony between colors and shapes. Later on he began to add figurative in his compositions, searching his own way for expressing and channeling more concepts and ideas, still maintaining the expressive and disruptive power of the aerosolart. His personal artistic format has been enriched by meeting other artists during his tireless travel wherever there was a possibility to express himself: Social Centre, Institutional events or Commissioned works.

In 2006 together with other artists he founded the Disegni Matti group, publishing a fanzine with the same name and organizing exhibitions around Italy and Switzerland.

Tenia expressive techniques include the use of sprays and brushes, batique , bogolon, bodyart, bodypainting and tattoo.. He also realised scenography and costumes in various events from the Venice Carnival to underground events such as rave concerts.

From 2010 Tenia began his collaboration with the Milano based “Volks Writerz” crew that put social issues at the core of their artistic project.

To learn more go to:

Awer Art

The works of Awer, that some have described as hypnotic graffiti, introduce us to new possible worlds, various animals of land and sea, mythological characters and mesmerizing creatures that result from white or vibrantly colored spirals and fluid lines. Aiming to distract people from the boredom of their lifestyle and everyday activities, he offers an oneiric escape of the mind from all its troubles and obstacles, as an artistic remedy and alternative to the known reality. There are a lot of optical illusions in the murals and artworks of AweR, who currently lives and works between Italy and Berlin, and we also notice a strong connection with a higher universal power that every viewer is invited to interpret in a personal way, according to his own vision and understanding. The works of Awer, that some have described as hypnotic graffiti, introduce us to new possible worlds, various animals of land and sea, mythological characters and mesmerizing creatures that result from white or vibrantly colored spirals and fluid lines. Aiming to distract people from the boredom of their lifestyle and everyday activities, he offers an oneiric escape of the mind from all its troubles and obstacles, as an artistic remedy and alternative to the known reality. There are a lot of optical illusions in the murals and artworks of AweR, who currently lives and works between Italy and Berlin, and we also notice a strong connection with a higher universal power that every viewer is invited to interpret in a personal way, according to his own vision and understanding.

To learn more go to: