Freqs of Nature Festival 2017

Freqs of Nature Festival 2017

5-11 July 2017 - Germany - 14913 Niedergörsdorf

Again Freqs of Nature Festival has been a heart warming emotional ride through days saturated with our favourite art.
We want to thank our amazing team and artists for all the hard work and passion put into this project, you all are what is making this festival to what it is! We also want to thank our wonderful guests for bringing so much good energy and open minds ready to receive our artistic experiments. Last but not least we are sending out our deepest gratitude to the neighbours and local residents for giving us the space we need and for welcoming us with open arms into their community as well as the local authorities for their trust and continuous support!

We are giving every year again all what we got and we are focussing all our energy and creativity into this project to be able to hold up with our own goals and urge to constantly evolve. A key element of evolving is observing and learning from each edition to try and create an even more detailed experience for the years to follow. With the for us successful launch of the Bass Playground we have decided to move most of the Drum&Bass from the Forest Floor to the Bass Playground in the following years to give again more room for both styles to unfold their full potential without compromises. The experiment to mix two so contrary genres on one stage has a been very positive for us and it warms our hearts to see how both worlds have gained so much from each other, but we have reached what we wanted and its time to move on. These and so many other little things are subjects of our constant development of the creative melting pot that Freqs of Nature is!




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Opening Concert by

Mark Ernestu’s Ndagga Rhythm Force Band

Pre concert for the Band by


Forest Floor


The Forest-Floor is our melting pot for extreme and experimental music. Multi-layered sound arrangements and driving grooves are selected to let you dive deep in to your own imagination.

A carefully chosen selection of some of the finest efficient dance music and complex sound experiments with a tendency to twist your reality and change your perspective of the already known.

A bold mixture of extreme genres starting off every night with our favourite Breakcore and Drum&Bass artists followed by daily more than 12 hours of the most peculiar psychedelic trance of the faster kind from deep and organic Forest-Trance, over Dark-Psychedelic and Hi-Tech to Psycore.


Drum & Bass (Neurofunk/Techstep/Breakcore):

Cause4Concern • (UK)

Current Value • (DE)

DR • (UK/DE)

L 33 • (BG)

Machine Code • (DE/UK)

Malux • (UK)

Merikan • (IT)

MLDj • (UK)

Re:Set / Artificial Behavior • (IT/DE)

Ruby My Dear • (FR)

Stazma The Junglechrist • (FR)

Telekinesis • (SLO)

The Sect • (UK/DE)

Psychedelic Trance (Forest/Hitech/Dark):

Abralabim • (DE)

Already Maged • (UA)

Ankur • (DE)

Antonymous • (GR)

Arcek • (MX)

Asphalt Pirates • (DE/FR)

Audiopathik • (MX)

Audiosyntax • (DE)

Band Crash • (GR)

Biomekanik • (DE/IT)

Bombax • (DE)

Chromatec • (DE)


Dark Whisper • (DE/IT)

Drury Nevil • (GR)

Elowinz • (BR)

Freq36 • (MA)

Kaya • (DE)

Kazulu • (DE)

LAB • (PT)

Loose Connection • (UK)

Madianbrains • (GR)

Nano Bugz • (DE)

Noema • (GR)

Noise Gust • (JP)

NoizeBug • (NO)

Once Upon A Time • (BG)

Ordo Ab Chao • (GR)

Orestis • (GR)

Procs • (SE)

Psylle • (DK)

Quadraphonic • (GR)

Sasha • (DE)

Tersius • (ZA)

Tromo • (GR)

Uttu • (BR)

Ulvae • (PT)

Whrikk • (NL)

Yarakaviam • (VE/ES)

Zik • (GR)

ZikOre • (GR)

Groove Floor


The Groove Floor concept is about driving grooves, deep rhythms, detailed musical arrangements and psychedelic atmospheres on uplifting beats. Besides the known and often heard experts we selected some amazingly talented new-comers to present fresh tunes with innovative ideas.

Deep to weird minimal techno, peculiar Tech-House and the finest Progressive/Psygressive mixed in a carefully planed concept for your dancing pleasures.


Groovy & Deep

Acid Pauli • (DE)

Sebastian Mullaert • (SE) / 4hr Live Set

Fabio Florido • (IT)

Carlo Ruetz • (DE)

Malbetrieb • (NL)

Ash Roy • (IN)

Brojanowski • (DE)

Calm Chor • (IN)

Elmar Strathe • (DE)

Florian Frings • (DE)

Kliment • (BG)

Knobs • (IT)

Luis M • (PT)

Mud • (IT)

Økapi • (IT)

Perfect Stranger • (IL)

Peter Groskreutz • (DE)

Rosper • (ES)

Xenoscapes • (AU)

Yuli Fershtat • (IL)

Zeitgeist/Munstrous • (DE)

Groovy Psychedelic / Progressive

Airi • (CH)

Captain Hook • (IL)

DJ Chuckles • (BE)

Electrypnose • (CH)

Fabio Leal • (BR)

Filt • (DK)

Florian MSK • (CA)

Fluoelf • (ES)

Grub • (PT)

Hypogeo • (IT)

Igor Swamp • (FI)

Itchy & Scratchy • (FR)

Ivort • (FR)

Kasadelica • (IL)

Krad Gorp • (FR)

Legacy • (AU)

Melt • (AU)

Millivolt • (CH)

Quantic Devices • (PT)

Radioactive.Cake • (DE)

Salakavala • (FI)

Sourone • (PL)

Tetrameth • (AU)


Unikorp • (PT)

Val Vashar • (HR)

var!ant • (AU)



Following the concept of the past editions, the emphasis of the Kreuz[&]Quer Floor Lineup is to present a selection of some of today’s most daring sound artist’s. Inspired to merge new forms of modern electronica connecting them with an overriding interest in elements of percussive tonality, ever growing sounds and atmospherics, evolving into playfulness rhythms to create a multilayered journey of hypnotic dilations of time and space. It will be hold in a chilled out valley surrounded by trees and nature enclosed with various art projects.



Our Rela(x)pedimental Floor is maturing in it´s style. Going more experimental we managed to invite a fine selection of IDM and avant-garde artists who will present relaxed, yet tasteful weird electronica. We are not trying to create your typical “chill-out” but an environment for styles that are not purely for dancing purposes and boldly explore the boarders of to us known electronic music.


Red Stars Over Tokyo

Dub Playground


The Dub Playground of last year has now evolved into the Bass Playground. A stage combining an artful Playground construction with a stage hosting a wide variety of Bass Music genres.


B’ver Invaders
Cooh Balkansky
DJ Die Soon
Duran Duran Duran
Indian Junglist
Karl Marx Stadt
Karsten Pflum
Kate Push
Kid Reaction
Last Life
Mad Zach
Maria Terror
Pat Flanders
Repeat Eater
Tom Battery

Ambient Hangar


Coming soon….


Coming Soon….


Art will be presented through various mediums at the Freqs of Nature Festival and will be both integrated into the surroundings and exhibited in specific areas. Giant installations, unique objects, elaborate, mesmerizing displays; the artists will use traditional techniques or modern developments to step you through the magical mirror into the realms of the imagination.

Each creation conveys an important part of our festival philosophy; to be an open gallery, a transformative, diverse expression of art. A living, breathing phantasm waiting to wrap around you, overtake you and be co-created with you during the festival.

Music Stage Decorations

All our music stages got their individual decoration/art concept but also follow a basic concept featured through out the whole festival.

From massive organic-mechanic installations, thought through warm light shows, over artistic carpentry to peculiar land-art details our decoration concept is following a unique to the festival direction.


Artist & Crews

Nébuleuse Lugubre

Nébuleuse Lugubre is a young deco team willing to bring shaded moods and atmospheres into the psychedelic world.

From stage / canopy design to sculptures and decorations, they aim to set up ambiances that take the people into a journey for the mind and the body.

Focusing on the contrast between light and darkness, organic and geometric, minimalistic designs and complex patterns, they want to express a futuristic vision combined with tribal roots.



ZurdoLife & FlipaTulipa

ZurdoLife & FlipaTulipa is a collaboration between two young artists specializing in stage design and construction, as well as natural sculptures, psychedelic painting and decoration.

The two translate shapes and creatures from nature into their exclusive wooden spiral technique, combined with raw wood and natural materials.

Using their spiral design they cover large functional architecture and big walls that become large wooden sculptures by day, and living three-dimensional light-paintings by night.

The different elements of their work come together to form a harmonic, geometrical and natural environment.

Artists and Installations

Besides the countless creative minds from within our festival team we are inviting every year as many interesting artists and their installations as we can find to fit to our overall art concept.

Artist & Crews

Patrice Pit Hubert

Self-taught sculptor born in Rennes (1966) France

Resembling dangerously unsettling organic shapes such as elongated insects or birds, French self-taught artist patrice Hubert creates stunning kinetic sculptures, bent on containing the cosmos with his formed metal work.

All of the pieces contain rotating or moving parts and light, adding an interesting dimension to the elegant pieces.

As testaments to the ever -evolving marriage of nature and machine, the work also speaks to the fantastical fiction of future science, and its seemingly limitless possibilities.

In Freqs of Nature, Patrice with his creations, will be one of the main fundaments of the art and deco concept. His work will be featured on all dance-floors, in the art-gallery and around the venue.



Ambra Rosedorne

Ambra Rosedorne was born in Italy in 1987, she studied Fine Arts in Bologna and in 2010 she graduated in Set Design. Since 2012 is she living in Berlin, where she started many collective’ collaborations and was involved as a decor artist for festivals and parties. Her passion are making jewelry, graphic art and short movies about her travels.

During the last years, Ambra has worked on various other projects, mainly the creation of bespoke masks for fashion and art projects and the organization of recycled mask workshops. Since about one year she discovered a new passion: the metal, material which she’s using to create sculptures, taking inspiration from the animal world.




Jean Robert aka “BYSE”, travelling artist, was born in 1986 in Lyon, France. After graduating at painting and decoration school in 2009 and being influenced by long practice of street art and graffiti, the choice of exploring more fields of art and living as a full time artist soon became clear to him. Since 2013 he is working and creating mostly in Berlin where he is realizing metal based installations and sculptures as well as tattooing, illustrating and painting.


Art Exhibition

We are presenting multiple art galleries with a huge variety of art through out the festival. From a main gallery featuring mind-tickling artworks of artists from all around the globe, live painting performances and the chance to meet some of the colourful minds behind the art to dedicated galleries of one or more artists.

Featured Artists

Robert Steven Connett

Robert Steven Connett is a California artist who takes his current inspiration from biological forms — both flora and fauna, micro and macro, land and ocean dwelling — from which he generates new variations, as though he were painting with recombinant DNA. He is a masterful painter of other-worldly creatures harmoniously swimming along in complex dreamscapes. Intricate geometric patterns make up each new species, meticulously painted with illuminated detail.


To see a collection of his paintings go to

His Facebook page is


Oliver Huautla, auch bekannt als RAD ist ein visueller Künstler aus Berlin und wird dieses Jahr das erste mal auf der Freds of Nature beim Groovefloor und dem Kreuz&Quer seine Video Mapping Show präsentieren. Er konnte in den letzten zwei Jahren bei diversen Veranstaltungen Erfahrung sammeln und hat einen einzigartigen Stil entwickelt nahezu jede Oberfläche zum leuchten zu bringen.


Ion Inkalea

Ion explores the depth of the contrast between darkness and light through various ways of expression. In all the work she produces, she materializes mental and organic journeys through abstract techniques, bringing to life of very detailed net of patterns. Her world could be defined as shaded, contrasted, psychedelic, industrial, geometric, organic. After several years of seeking for her own path, she know focuses on painting, and designing festival decors with her team Nébuleuse Lugubre.




Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte.


Milan Moira

Milan Moira born in 1995 works and lives in Berlin. His work is dominated by bizarre characters who diligently show and realize the rythmic unity. With surreal, figurative symbolism he attentively confronts the disparity between consciousness and unconsciousness. All collected experiences are boiling in a kind of internal cooking pot, from which a good idea can be scooped out every now and then. Since the concept of true happiness is overhauled, mankind should preferably switch to an concentrated fascination as its leitmotif. Here art works as an organic codification of the mechanism with which we filter information. The claim is to show the synthesis of an alleged duality without self-censorship. Every image should be an revelation without truth.

Hagar Faibish

Hagar Faibish is a young female artist and animation director, born in Israel, of an Indian mother and a Polish father. She has a background studying animation at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, before moving to Berlin in 2014 to study at the HFF Konrad Wolf Film Universität, Babelsberg. Her art is very intuitive, with elements of absurdity and nonsense, mixed with an underlying melancholic tone. In her art she is always looking for the right balance between communication and self reflection, aesthetics and composition. Her works include hand drawn animations, mixed media printing and sculpture

Learn more about Hagars great work on her website.




nadaneda is an underground artist, born and raised in Berlin. Renowned for the way she constructs cubes and crystalline bodies from figures in space, her fondness for natural structures and geometric patterns and shapes, merges experimental and visual art into a design of detailed simplicity.




Meln is an artist with many facets – even if the painting stands in the centre of her creating, nevertheless, one is surprised by the application of recycled materials. Their unique world brings on dreams, as well as nightmares. Always in her dream world changing she has no shyness to take us and to plumb our borders in both areas. Even if in her works something naive resonates, is in the noblest sense of the word and this becomes even weightier by the melancholy of her representation. Meln knows how she must appeal to the child slumbering in us without forgetting, besides, the adult in us. Their application of the colour and her recurring subjects her works leave us after one, the first brief look immediately recognise, a proof what even is not needed that she is an accomplished artist.







Land-Art has and will always be a fundament of the Freqs of Nature deco and art concept. The way we interpret Land-Art has developed over the years, but the core idea of it will always remain. Besides the main idea of using organic materials collected in the surrounding nature many other influences such as the use of recycled materials and from the forest collected trash have immersed into our way of doing Land-Art installations.

Artist & Crews

Te văd

te.văd. (*o. m.*) it´s a decoration – art project created from love and desire of enjoying nature, music and souls. Nature is kind and she offers plenty of toys for expressing sentiments and creating every time an unique story space.

te.văd creates natural decorations, land art, structures and installations from recycled natural materials-some combined with metal. Having as a root the sacred geometry, as heart the nature and as a crown the spirit, they believe that theri art it´s bringing positive energy and manifestation of imagination.


Street-Art over the years became a core part of our art concept. A variety of street artists are part of our team and are giving an urban feel to the organic worlds of Freqs of Nature Festival.



Artist & Crews


Letting the art speak for itself rather than words.





Awer Art

The works of Awer, that some have described as hypnotic graffiti, introduce us to new possible worlds, various animals of land and sea, mythological characters and mesmerizing creatures that result from white or vibrantly colored spirals and fluid lines. Aiming to distract people from the boredom of their lifestyle and everyday activities, he offers an oneiric escape of the mind from all its troubles and obstacles, as an artistic remedy and alternative to the known reality. There are a lot of optical illusions in the murals and artworks of AweR, who currently lives and works between Italy and Berlin, and we also notice a strong connection with a higher universal power that every viewer is invited to interpret in a personal way, according to his own vision and understanding. The works of Awer, that some have described as hypnotic graffiti, introduce us to new possible worlds, various animals of land and sea, mythological characters and mesmerizing creatures that result from white or vibrantly colored spirals and fluid lines. Aiming to distract people from the boredom of their lifestyle and everyday activities, he offers an oneiric escape of the mind from all its troubles and obstacles, as an artistic remedy and alternative to the known reality. There are a lot of optical illusions in the murals and artworks of AweR, who currently lives and works between Italy and Berlin, and we also notice a strong connection with a higher universal power that every viewer is invited to interpret in a personal way, according to his own vision and understanding.

To learn more go to:


Alex Tenia (tapeworm) was born in 1983. Attracted by visual arts since his childhood . Tenia early writing works used refined fonts seeking harmony between colors and shapes. Later on he began to add figurative in his compositions, searching his own way for expressing and channeling more concepts and ideas, still maintaining the expressive and disruptive power of the aerosolart. His personal artistic format has been enriched by meeting other artists during his tireless travel wherever there was a possibility to express himself: Social Centre, Institutional events or Commissioned works.

In 2006 together with other artists he founded the Disegni Matti group, publishing a fanzine with the same name and organizing exhibitions around Italy and Switzerland.

Tenia expressive techniques include the use of sprays and brushes, batique , bogolon, bodyart, bodypainting and tattoo.. He also realised scenography and costumes in various events from the Venice Carnival to underground events such as rave concerts.

From 2010 Tenia began his collaboration with the Milano based “Volks Writerz” crew that put social issues at the core of their artistic project.

To learn more go to: